Lesser known races thread 2021

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A last kilometer like that should not be allowed in a sprint stage. Especially because it's not the first edition there are crashes in that corner.

True, but one good thing about it is that there hardly ever are serious consequences from crashes in corners like that because the riders are riding quite slowly. Crashes in uncomplicated bunch sprints are much more dangerous, if less likely to happen.
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With the finish at 2:30pm, the riders have already started in the CRO Race. It's also the queen stage.


The climbing starts pretty early with the climb to Gračišće.


The main climb of the day, and the race in general, is the Poklon. We have an easy start (just under 5k at just under 4%), then we join the profile below 0.5k in and follow it until the pass at 8k.


Opatija is at the foot of one of the descents of this climb, but we don't head there immediately, instead looping over the Kastav through Rijeka...


...before embarking on a final circuit, taking in the wall below twice. According to the signs alongside the road, it peaks at 17%.


Over in France, we have the Classic Loire Atlantique on the outskirts of Nantes. The finish is just after 5pm, sadly coverage will be limited to a highlights programme. We have 11 laps of the circuit below:


These are the climbs:



For reference, the uncategorised hill just before the finish line is 800 metres at 4.3%.

Doesn't look like much, but it's usually been enough to stop the sprinters, with the exception of the most recent edition (in 2019) won by Rudy Barbier.
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Did the commentator just call Markus Hoelgaard a "German rider"? o_O
That's almost as bad as referring to Danes as"Norwegians". I mean, generally I think commentators should know the nationalities of riders.

Amalie Dideriksen apparently received a fan letter this week (or at least that's when she posted it on Instagram) originally adressed to the Norwegian federation. It was probably from the same guy who made the graphics during the WC RR.

Meanwhile in Denm...I mean Norway

View: https://twitter.com/VegarKulset/status/1444277599090401282

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