Lesser known races thread 2021

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They saw all the fun in France and decided to show Germany isn’t as boring as BlueRoads says.
All I know is more people finished Paris-Roubaix than Munsterland so we all know what the harder race was. ;)
I only followed PCS a bit and watched like the last 15k or so and have to say I was positively surprised. It must have been one of the best editions, although I can't say that for sure because I honestly don't remember much of other editions (apart from Hodeg winning :smiley:).
Anyway, it was a bit of a weird development in the race with all the best sprinters in the second break and the attacks at the end... especially Ackermann... but I guess that was due to the change of the finish, plus everyone trying to get rid of DQS and DQS being a bit undecided who they rode for.
Anyway, I thought about going there and in the end I didn't, and since Hodeg didn't win it wasn't such a bad decision. :p
Would have been nice for Greipel to go out with a win, but I feel he has had a long, fulfilling career and this is the right time to go - he's just not at the top anymore, but this season wasn't so bad.