Lesser known races thread 2021

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But surely, not that long ago Sweden wouldn't exactly have been considered "minor country".
Of course, I frequently make fun about the amount of Swedish pro rider these days.
I can't remember any time when Sweden wouldn't be considered a minor cycling country. Even at their best there were only 2-3 guys that were just pretty good and then a bunch of no-names.

Kessiakoff, Larsson, Lofkvist, and Backstedt have really been the only riders of note in this century and it's not like any of them were all that noteworthy.
Lutsenko has the weirdest idiosyncrasy; every time he sits down after having been out of the saddle he has a short moment where he stops pedalling before he continues. I have never seen other riders do that and I noticed it first time in the 2013 Tour with him, and he's still doing it...
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