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Lesser known races thread 2022

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Going by the stage profile, are they going to use a new side of Genting Highlands? I think it used to be a constant climb without any descent in the middle.
They take the road from the Southwest instead of the one from the Northwest, the final 8.6kms are identical.

This year:

The last time in 2020:

That said, I do prefer the "classic" approach, almost 21kms at 7.4 is a great long climb.
Quite a good field in Langkawi this year. Should be a good GC battle on the two MTFs.

UAE: Bennett & Costa
Cofidis: I.Izagirre
Lotto: Moniquet
Movistar: Jorgenson, Sosa & Rubio
EF: Carthy & Chaves
Astana: Moscon? H.Lopez?
Uno-X: Charmig & Træen, maybe even Eg can be interesting?
Androni: Sepulveda
Burgos: Okamika?
China Glory: Sean Bennett

At the end of the season like this I suppose it's mostly about who is still mentally fresh and motivated. Torstein Træen was really good in the last hard stage in Croatia, maybe he can step up here? Favorites should be among the WT-riders.
Meanwhile Sapurna aren't allowed to compete because they didn't pay an anti-doping testing fee to the UCI in time.

No Cleano, no party...
Team Ukyo is also not brining their Aussie Sputniks Earle and Dyball, what a bummer. I hope at least China Glory and Terengganu will be competitive, screw the WT teams.
They actually have a pretty good course this year, all things considered. Chapeau to the organisers, they'd really been on the "a week of sprints and one HC MTF" kind of tip for a long time, the secondary summits were a thing of the past and they weren't putting many hills in the stages that could have some, so this year's parcours is a pleasant surprise with stages 1 and 8 actually having the chance to not be bunch gallops and a second mountain stage!

Wait, where TF is Lomotos? Will have to cheer for my man Lyu Xianjing once more although I think Gunung Raya will be better for him than Genting.