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Levi's blood values in 2005 pretty suspicious

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Jun 16, 2009
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Hugh Januss said:
I'm pretty sure that is not even a sentence. Best to not take chances though, so I'll say no, I don't want whatever.

My apologies for the terrible grammar!:eek: For your sake, you do not want to know what I was meaning!


Jun 16, 2009
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"We swear to tell the ..., the whole ... , and nothing but the ...
Mar 4, 2010
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BroDeal said:
I think the most interesting thing about this is further confirmation that the UCI uses back channels to warn teams about riders without busting them. The UCI is complicit in the riders' doping.

What can the UCI do if he's below the threshold? And they did not warn Levi's team (not in this case anyway), they asked them to throw him out of the race.
IMO what really matters is not LL doing what everyone did back then to still in the game--after all he's been linked to Ferrari back in 04--but to uncover the rotten cooperation between the UCI & the Pro-Teams to avoid positive tests, using Levi's case as an example. What has to be unveil is how you become a "protected rider by the UCI" and all the dirty transactions behind that title...
holczer is lying come on

everybody knows that if one gerolsteiner rider is doped or had conspicious blood values h.m holczer is NOT knowing it!!!!!:cool: ;) ;)

he should shout his mouth, he'd just another one of this anti-doping hypocrites. of course HE never had anything to do with it, when one his riders were linked to doping practices.

holczer is totally absurd.......