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Liège-Bastogne-Liège 2023, one day monument, April 23 (men's)

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When I saw how Remco became WC last year, I‘m not so sure that he has no chance against Pogi.

Remco was extremely strong, and beat strongmen like Laporte by minutes.

I also think Remco has gained some explosiveness. And he could ride a very long sprint with a monster gear.
Comparing Laporte with Pogacar is like comparing a Ferrari with a Twingo (sorry Shakira).
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If Evenepoel wins, it will mean Pogacar is already on the decline after a long spring.
If Pogacar wins, it will mean Evenepoel is yet to hit his peak for the Giro.

Really not worth watching the race.
On what you base your opinion that if both are in top form then they're equal?

Honestly, I can't see Evenepoel dropping this shape Pogacar on a 2k climb (even if he's past his spring peak) nor outsprinting him.
The course was changed compared to last year. They don't go all the way to the top of La Redoute, but take another road 400 m earlier. Two smaller climbs come between La Redoute and La Roche. Côte des Forges has been in it before.

That means La Redoute is now 1.6 km @ 9.4%. Last year it was 2 km @ 8.6%. So the steepest part is still in it. It's a debatable choice by the organizers, because the shorter distance and the two smaller climbs in between seem to make a decisive attack on La Redoute less likely. We'll see what it gives on Sunday.
It was because of road works after the Redoute, so they can't take the normal route down.
And I think they will attack sooner, maybe on the duo Stockeu and Haute-Levée with 75km to go. To get out of the nervous peloton with a strong group or so.

All the talk about Remco vs Pogi but we all know Kragh Andersen will win.
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Well done. This is what the next 10 pages of this thread right after the finish will be in two sentences.
Somebody else already made the same assessment last week. And it was equally false.

If Evenepoel wins he will still have to hit his peak for the Giro while Pogacar was in top shape as shown in Amstel and Flèche.
If Pogacar wins he was already declining after a long spring while Evenepoel was already in Giro form.

Always go for the double negative whammy.
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