Liége-Bastogne-Liége flat finish from 2019

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What do you think of a flat finish at Liége-Bastogne-Liége?

  • Bring it on, I liked the old finish.

    Votes: 21 48.8%
  • I already miss Côte d'Ans.

    Votes: 7 16.3%
  • I wish a completely other solution.

    Votes: 3 7.0%
  • I have no idea.

    Votes: 14 32.6%

  • Total voters

Red Rick said:
Im not married to the Stockeu, wanne and Haute Levee.

Col de Targnon could be great if it can be fit in
Col de Targnon is impossible, there's practically no road. Sadly, the Rue Etoile Badin above Nonceveaux also seems to be very questionable. Maybe you could exchange Maquisard for a little climb to Desnié, halfway through La Vecquee but then you would have like 5km of plateau before descending Hautregard. That Desnié hill is 1,9km at roughly 6,7% with some 9-10% ramps in the middle. Actually, there is something called Côte de Creppe above Spa, which is 2,5km at roughly 5%, but with some 9-10% ramps in the middle. Then you could take a difficult descent via Route de l'Ermitry and then do the full Côte de Desnié. While longer, you would have a more difficult version of Maquisard + Hautregard with that difficult descent from Creppe.
Only two climbs in the last 37 km, and they're not very tough. Of course there's a chance that we will see a longer final, but there's also a real danger of a sprint with twenty men and a win for a wheelsucker. The Saint-Nicolas should have stayed in.
If someone could do it would be Sagan. I wouldnt count him out. He could make a tactical move like Jungels did last year and maybe has the power to stay away at the end. If he can survive the climbs is the question though. He looked very good on Poggio in MSR though, and was the one to close Alas attack at the end of it. (Yeah, I know. Poggio is not that steep. Hadnt been that demanding before it. But it was after 280km after all.)

Sagan also did pretty good in AGR last year, and a few of the same names was up there in LBL too.
They should have put in a last resource in the finale (like 3/4 kms to go) that could have been used to avoid the sprint, i think a climb like the cobbled one of two years ago could be enough close to the finish.
With the actual route there is too much flat after Roche aux Faucons to imagine someone soloing away from Quick-Step, probably they can even neutralize a little group.

Only Vino boys going nuke from 100 kms to go could make this race very selective :D
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