Marca says Contador to get 1 yr

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Aug 12, 2009
luckyboy said:
I wouldn't be bothered if AC somehow got off. I'd like to see him break a few records tbh.

About the plasticiser test & if it gets brought in - what exactly are people gonna do if they can't transfuse?

And could they not retro-test samples? That would bring lots of guys down.
There are plenty of durable materials that can hold fluids out there. Glass for one. That is until a test comes up for whatever the replacement for blood bags is in the event the plasticizer test is sanctioned. Last time I heard, the number for the confirmation of a positive were all over the shop. But that wouldn't worry WADA.

Who do I feel sorry for? The viewers. With AC out this years TdF will suck. Better hope Evans is feeling up for a challenge because he's about the only guy left along with Samu who can come close to Schleck. Basso? Get out people. If he challenges Schleck then that's all I need to know that he is doping. Schleck was the strongest looking rider in 2010. Why? My theory is he was pushing the most juice after racing hours through his veins. Worst thing ever. Not Evans...Andy Schleck. Baby Schleck is a perennial whinning moody baby. Him as the centre piece of the TdF...well I'll be praying some people have hunger issues, crashes, rain. Anything.

I hope this plasticizer test comes in though. Everything all lined up, fool proof setup, the whole lot. Then the French can retest everyone in the top 10 at last years TdF. Be honest, we know they're all doping and Contador was either stupid or extremely unlucky (you choose which)...take em all out for a year ban and see what a cleaner setup produces. Might see a Frenchman win.
Jun 16, 2009
WADA doesn't have that "presumed innocent" premise. It's a strict liability system which means once you failed an analytical test you are pRESUMED guilty and then the burden of proof shifts to the athlete to prove it wasn't intentional (or the test was wrong).

So your understanding of the WADA system is incorrect.

Contador will be unable to prove how he ingested clenbuterol (unlike Landis, Contador doesn't contest the test result). The problem with Contador is he has no contaminted meat samples to show in the hearing or to CAS! In fact - and I find this shocking - his defense teams didn't even bother to test the meat from the alleged butcher in questions. I think that says something about the credibility and competency (or incompetency) of his legal team and his entire defense.

Contador and his lawyers are complete idiots with the defense they are putting forth and they will lose this case. Contador will get the full 2 years. ZERO doubt in my mind. This case is a no brainer and the guy is guilty as hell of blood doping. Contador is also likely a massive doper and without dope he isn't even capable of a top-5 finish.
Agree. I find it outrageous that the Spanish ignored Contadors responsibility to prove he ingested unintenionally. The burden of proof lies 100 percent on him, he had a banned substance with zero tolerance in his system. So he is required to prove how it got there and also to prove it was unintentional. The fact that it is impossible to prove only means he has to serve the standard sentence. Those are the rules. A reduction is an exception to the rules.
I wish the Spanish federation could be sanctioned for their total disregard of the rules. very sad. Their excuse alone should be cause for sanction. If you wish to reduce the sentence, provide a valid reason. If you cannot prove intent one way or another it is two years.