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Teams & Riders Mark Cavendish Discussion Thread

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According to reports he finished dead last, with no team mates around him or any other riders.
He was 111th out of 111, finishing 34mins and 36 secs behind the winner and approximately 23 mins behind the 110th placed rider.
Something must have happened.
Well, he posted this on his insta story after the stage

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Considering you would not have seen much of Cipo except from at the Tour and that was really only from 95 onwards when he was already 28, I fail to see how you can make a judgement on his versatility. For a start Cipo won Ghent-Wevelgem 3 times, once from a break, Cav never even came close which already puts Cipo ahead? Cipo did not have a train in his early career either, for example when he beat Abdu 3 times at the Giro in 91, he was on the same team as the overall Winner, Franco Chioccioli. There was no train. When Cav was at SKY for one season, he moaned and whinged about not having a train. Cipo only really had the train from 95 onwards.

Cavendish didn't go head to head with Petacchi until 2010 when he was 36 FFS. McEwen and Zabel were even older at that time. Those same guys were all in their late 20s/early 30s when Cipo retired. The point is right through Cipos career, there was always another top level sprinter around. From Van Poppel, Abdu, Nelissen in the first half of his career to Zabel, Steels, McEwen, Petacchi later in his career. None of them were in their mid to late 30s when they went against Cipo, there was never a lull in which Cipo did not have a worthy rival unlike Cav 08-11. It is debatable whether Cav was even the best sprinter in the World 2012-17. Think Kittel would have a good shout for No 1. Cipo was the top sprinter of the 90s, period.

If you think Cav was better, fine, but I highly doubt you are working off the same level of evidence for both.

You missed my entire point. I’m not talking about as a rider, I’m talking about ways in which they won a sprint in a bunch. I’m a Cipo fan, but it was rarer to see Cipo win outside of his comfort zone in a bunch finish. Cipollini sprinting was like watching a Diesel engine going at full speed. It was rare to see him pull some McEwan type maneuver. Cavendish had the obvious power, but he was (in his prime) a more agile sprinter.

On who was the better sprinter? You can’t help your competition, so it’s really impossible to compare. That’s what I was saying- Cavendish is/was a more versatile sprinter in a bunch finish.
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Tour looking increasingly likely for Cav

I think a little ballsy saying he won’t go to the TDF with the salary he is on.
yeah it sounds like the salary is the issue, and i think that can be resolved if pat thinks cav is good enough, which he seems to be

I mean guy is set for life (financially), last year he was considering or almost retired, already had his farewell and so on. And now he has opportunity to ride TDF and fight for stage wins with team like no other. And he wants more money to ride it? Yea love for cycling.

I would expect big NO from Lefevere.