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Teams & Riders Mark Cavendish Discussion Thread

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I would probably think this is one of his more important records. He doesn't have the TdF overall win record alone.
Yeah, any Tour record is likely to be among the most important to riders because it's the one race that really has a chance to transcend the sport and make you a star outside it. You could win 10 Giros and 10 Vueltas in a row and people outside of cycling wouldn't care, but win 1 Tour and you're in the national news for weeks.
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Merlier doesn't change his line at all, so I don't really know what you are referring to.
Merlier tries to go to the right right as his leadout ends to make space for Philipsen and to make the way around longer for Cavendish. This fails because Cav is already past him at this point.

Cav gets the longer way around Merlier and gets there way before Philipsen.
From behind, lol.

Not doing the post-race interview shows that Philipsen took this up really high. All the scripted PR make-up, kiss up afterwards, is just laughable. Alpecin know they are a small Conti team, they don't want any enemies, especially not in DCQ and against a popular guy like Cav. Weak, is what it really is though. Cav's 1.5+ meter deviation would warrant at least an official question.
Oh, I thought that you saw the video of the sprint.
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Merlier doesn't change his line at all, so I don't really know what you are referring to.
Merlier starts to go right like Red Rock said, on top of Rickaert going in front of Morkov and slowing down. They’re starting to try anyway they can to impede Quickstep.

Based on today, maybe Cav will try going in the breaks for the mountains to be further ahead and thus be able to finish inside the time easier.
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