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Anyone remember what the typical points penalty is for missing the time cut in a large group...
From the last section regarding the time limit in the rules and regulations posted yesterday (I missed it at first too):

"In cases where riders who have finished outside the time limit are reinstated by the president of the commissaires’ jury, they will forfeit all of the points they have gained in the various secondary classifications. "
Matthews only has 113 points, so I guess Cavendish could still take green even if he loses all his points today (or tomorrow).

EDIT: The grupetto made the time limit today.
I was going to say that to your comment about it. Watch him go back to 0 and win still. Was it just since the race was so hard? I didn’t expect it to be a concern with the downhills.
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Sure, the break will be a danger. Certainly more than other sprinters are likely to be, much as I would like to see Philipsen and Bouhanni get stages. But DQS have a whole team. They will have help from Alpecin. And they’ll have Lefevere threatening to have all of their families murdered if they leave free stages on the road and fail to get the publicity bonanza the record would bring.
Who just lost two riders of their train, so will need more of the rest to be fresh for the finale, and they got what they came for.

Yep, I think you're right. They've watched Cavendish make mincemeat of them when Merlier and Philipsen were there at the end, will they really feel confident enough with just Philipsen to work with DQS to bring it all back together for a sprint? I agree that at least one, perhaps 2, maybe even three sprint stages will see the break stay away. DQS have the numbers and talent to bring a couple of stages back without assistance but they can't do it for every remaining flat stage.

You never know, maybe TDE will pointlessly ride on the front for a bit again.
It's just insane that in the year of 2021 I feel like there is a decent chance that Mark f*cking Cavendish will have the most successful Tour of his career. I really thought he would massively struggle to get over the Alps.
He was like 1:30 inside the time cut today. That is quite a struggle. Maybe if there was another hard mountain stage tomorrow it would be over.

Got through though, and looks like he should make it to the end now unless Andorra or Portet are crazy attacks from first mountain in bad weather or something..