Masters Thesis on dope at US Postal, Rabo, Telekom, Cofidis

"The Doping Culture in International Cycling from a Public Administration Perspective"

(Master's of Public Policy thesis by Rens Spijkers, at University of Twente, Netherlands)

Found this, very interesting in that it is: 109 pages of analysis which really dissects doping on the teams of U.S. Postal Service, Rabobank, Deutsche Telekom, and Cofidis. Apparently it came out online two months ago, and I don't see it having been cited on CN forums yet.

Thus far I'm not really impressed with the conclusions of the thesis, but the data and the case-by-case analysis of every cyclist on the teams, that is definitely impressive. And could be future fodder for discussion.
A lot of the work toward a comprehensive view has been done by this author

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