Menchov (Rasmussen)

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Mar 18, 2009
xrayvision said:
Menchov claiming Rasmussen is lying. :eek:

UCI doing nothing :eek:

Katusha doing nothing :eek:

Let the farce continue please...

what should the UCI or Katusha do? A BMC/Ballan style reaction?
No I don't think a single second Geox was clean. But obviously Saunier Duval-Geox didn't have such a well organized and dificultless working system as Rabobank & co.

Saunier riders were either doing very loco things and got catched sooner or later (Ricco, Piepoli, Mayo) or didn't perform as well as the guys on bigger teams. And talking about Cobo "Somebody CAN have that much luck to get away with it".

Saunier had a bunch good 2nd line riders like Gomez Marchante or Jeker, of course. But even big riders like Simoni or Mentsjov weren't on their highest level at the team. Simoni actually rode better again with Savio in 2008 until his hunger knock and before finally getting old one year later. Also Millar rode worse there than on Garmin.

So that let me implicate that except their high-risk Cera/Epo activities Saunier/Geox programm was very amateurstic compared to the one of Rabobank.

Given that 1 blood bag or a lower programme is affecting Mentsjov that much let me state he is a non talent for a top rider.

And I forgot about Isidro Nozal. But that's why I said "One of the most". There should have been other experiments in Spain of Fuentes I could've also named.
il_cobra said:
isidro nosal, juanjo cobo, david arroyo and other spaniard no-name ephemeras smiling to you. they winking to you. they laughing at you.
I dont remember anything from arroyo apart from that Giro and he got dropped in any mountain stage in that Giro

Menchov is obviously a huge talent, he never doped in his life for sure
Mar 8, 2013
so can we call whealsuckers (in big mountains) like valverde or nibali is one of the most non talents ever to win or podium a grand tour?