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Mike Anderson Suit Against LA

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Dr. Maserati said:
Apologies - let me try and clarify.

When I read legal documents - like the one presented here- I take a lot of what is written as exaggeration of events or roles, in much the same way as one can be creative in writing a CV.

My question really was were you expected to include outright lie's when you were writing up legal documents - from discussing this with friends in the legal profession in Europe that would be frowned upon.
However, I am curious to know if that is different in the States.

As a lawyer I will tell you that outright lies would get you sanctioned and ultimately disbarred (if you kept at the practice)--as an officer of the court, that's particularly frowned upon. As a practical matter, very few pleadings require specificity (fraud and certain other types of cases do), so you aren't required to establish your factual case in the course of your initial pleadings. There are ample opportunities during discovery and pre-trial motions to kill baseless claims prior to trial, or force a settlement--which is overwhelmingly what happens in 95% of cases.