Mikel Landa Discussion Thread

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Noo no no no the most beautiful rider the most beautiful race, his peak form, no big ITT. It was his biggest opportunity and he had perfect form as he showed yesterday. I cannot belive his rubbish luck, after giro 2016, giro 2017, tour crash 2018, San Sebastian 2018. Unbelievable, I really hope he's OK.

Barguil taking him out during the crosswinds in Tour 2019 as well.
I was so happy to see him on the attack yesterday. I don't really believe in the "this would have been his year" stuff anyway, but ffs this is the most excited I've been about Landa in ages. Also, having him in great shape would have been so good for the gc battle of this race, but yeah, to be honest, that actually feels very unimportant right now. I just hope that the injury isn't too bad and he can have a good back end of the season.
No more giro for me, they have to do something about the flat stages in GT’s. You can’t ignore the fact that each year several contenders are out of the race before it even starts. This cost the teams à LOT of money.

Sure it is Racing but I don’t agree that a strong team, luck or a little better positioning in the bunch is considering someone a better cyclist than someone who puts minutes on the other during the MTFs.
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I won't laugh at anything for a week until I come to terms that we don't see Landa at his best dropping everyone on Zoncolan. And not long ITT to stop him. TDF is a different beast with 2 rolling ITTs. I hope he can go for his home grand tour instead.
I think the Vuelta might be a good one for him. The Slovenians will have a hard TDF in their legs if either one chooses to race the Vuelta (same for Carapaz) and Landa will have had time to rebuild on a great form.
Very sad to wake up to this news today, was really looking forward to seeing how Mikel would go this Giro. Hope he recovers quickly so we can enjoy his skills in the rest of the season. Broken collarbone / ribs so I think he can be back on the trainer soon and won't lose much form.
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