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Mikel Landa Discussion Thread

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The way he won in Lagunas de Neila in Vuelta a Burgos in 2011 with just 22 years old was impressive. Never seen something like that. He was 5th in Tour of Porvenir 2010, 18th in world championships in Geelong.

He is not a one hit wonder, but he needs continuity and trust, he seems to be strong and fragile of moral as Taxus suggest

here is something:

1 Nairo Alexander Quintanarojas (Col) Colombia 26:49:21
2 Andrew Talansky (USA) United States of America 0:01:44
3 Jarlinson Pantano Gomez (Col) Colombia 0:01:55
4 Tom Jelte Slagter (Ned) Netherlands 0:02:05
5 Mikel Landa Meana (Spa) Spain 0:03:17
6 Romain Bardet (Fra) France B 0:03:59
7 Thomas Bonnin (Fra) France A 0:04:05
8 Michael Matthews (Aus) Australia 0:04:10
9 Darwin Atapuma (Col) Colombia 0:04:14
10 Wilco Kelderman (Ned) Netherlands
May 20, 2014
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Re: Re:

Vino attacks everyone said:
Just look at Kangert, that has had knee problems all his career, but have been able to reach a very high level at AStana

Kangert had me very worried again at the start of the season. He wasn't happy with his last season and his knee problems have never really gone away, always the #1 consideration what-ever he does. So when he didn't show up to several spring races where you could have expected him, and didn't too anything the very few times he did show, I was getting a bit worried. Mostly because I didn't hear anything about the guy and he is the type to never tell even if things are really bad.

But in hindsight it makes sense, since key with him to best manage his knees is just limiting his race days. He has mentioned it himself I think, and it seems like Astana accounts for that. Especially if he might even ride the tour this year(few months ago I thought he will do Giro and no Tour for sure, not any more). Then again, the thing with trying to limit your racing is it's harder to build form and less room for errors. I think this was roughly what he said about his last season - that he didn't get to the kind of form he would have been happy with by the tour, and by vuelta when he did get the form, it had been a lot of racing to get there for him + he got sick when race started anyways.
He has improved a lot from last year just look at last year Giro in Bassano del Grappa → Monte Grappa, 26.8 km (TT) he lost over 7m to Quintana and Aru and now he is on par with Contador

Stan955 said:
He has improved a lot from last year just look at last year Giro in Bassano del Grappa → Monte Grappa, 26.8 km (TT) he lost over 7m to Quintana and Aru and now he is on par with Contador

well, maybe he was playing the domestique role. He won in Trentino last year, this year was also near Porte in Trentino. He won in Basque Country.

He has always been classy, very good, something unusual. The peloton can witness.
Mar 13, 2015
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Re: Re:

The_Cheech said:
cellardoor said:
Taxus4a said:
As I said, Landa is almost a freind, I was close to sleep in his home in Vitoria once. so, I can be objetive, O would like to see Landa attacking from far and yesterday Playing only to take the stage.

Hi Taxus,

A few people are saying Landa is likely to be a "one hit wonder". As you seem to know quite a bit about him, just wondered what your views are as to whether he is likely to progress from here and get better or if this performance was a bit of a freak and we'll never hear of him again?


Look at what he's won and compare it to others.

What do YOU think?

And what do YOU think now?!