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Milano-Torino 2022 (March 16)

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Doesn't start in Milano, doesn't finish in Torino.

It'd make more sense to have Gran Piemonte at this time, given that they probably won't repeat the Barolo route again, and the route changes so much (I think the 2015 route would have been good here).
If you move Gran Piemonte in the calendar then you also have to move Paris-Bourges. If there needs to be an Italian Scheldeprijs I would suggest bringing back the Giro di Padania as a flat one-day race.
The Milano-Torino route should be something like this. Starting somewhere in the western outskirts of Milano , flat for the first half before zigzagging southwest towards Torino the last half. The last climbs from Superga is identical to the stage in this year's Giro.

That route design is like the missing link between Liege and Lombardia.