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I got a notification a few minutes ago that my previous post was edited, for the reason: personal attack.
Though i do not agree with it being a personal attack (strongly stating you think someone is talking nonsense, is not a personal attack, imho) but this way of moderating should be the default "go to" in case mods/admins don't like to intervene in the actual discussion, imho. It is both clear which post is being edited, and for what reason. And if nothing else, it is reasonable.
"You're an idiot" is a personal attack.
"This post is idiotic" isn't. Not particularly nice, but I certainly can't say I've not said things like that, and recently.

Not saying you said either of these things, just an example. I guess it really depends on exactly how you strongly stated someone was talking nonsense.

Agree on your larger point, but that said, I don't have any reason to believe it's not actually the most common way the mods are dealing with things.
Just a minor thing I realized: when I, as a German, write "lol" it often means something like half a grin with a shrug - like "what can you say" and some other people use it in a similar way, while for others, especially native speakers it's an actual "laughing out loud" which might explain why such comments in general are perceived differently.
I think it should be understood that humor is the most difficult to translate, especially through writing. So for those of us who are multilingual and whose English is not the first language, some leeway should be allowed. (Please bare [or is it bear?] with us, in other words. ;))
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