sadly no 'kiss 'n tell tales' can be expected.
You clearly haven't read their book:
"Jason is good at lots of things. He taught himself to play guitar. He cooks. He does a pie that could win prizes. He washes up. He's good with DIY around the house, if you ignore the fact that he isn't the best at hammering nails into awkward spots. He would argue that his dad makes him look bad because he is the greatest hammerer in in the north-west of England. Michael has an initial whack so accurate and firm that the job is almost done in one blow. Jason has to build into his. Classic sprinter. Slow slow slow, fast fast fast. Classic man two in a sprint: his dad does the hard shift up front, Jason just keeps the momentum going."
Surely this is just a British cycling thing, not sure why the Kennys are targeted in particular. Hoy was nearly as good as Jason and Archibald is arguably as good as Laura. Then there are Carlin, Skinner, Walls and Pendleton who have also done incredible things on the track at the Olympics.
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