Mar 10, 2009
Medical question (didn't there use to be a place for this in the "old" cyclingnews?):
On the basis of blood tests and of my persistent and otherwise (to me) inexplicable feeling of weakness it seems that I have an admittedly very rare recurrence of MONONUCLEOSIS, which I had decades ago as a "young" man of 26 or 27 years.
My question: How long a recovery period must one reckon with ((I think the acute phase of my original bout with mono lasted about 4 weeks), and how physically active dare one be during that time? (I have no symptoms except the feeling of fatigue/weakness, ECG and a whole lot of other tests show normal results. I rode fairly speedily for 40 minutes on the flat yesterday and felt OK during the ride and no worse after it than before.)
If anyone has some informed information on this subject, I thank you in advance for sharing it!

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