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Most Aggressive Rider

Mar 13, 2009
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Since all the GC and Sprinters are hogging the spotlight, here's something for the breakaway guys.

Top 4 would be:

Ignatiev - Brave 2nd to Voeckler on stage 5 just holding off a past finishing peloton. Solo break on Stage 3? or 4? that lasted 3 or 4 Kms. 10 man break on stage 8 before getting dropped on the Col d'Agnès and the bizarre breakaway on Bastille day, where he hung out the back. Deserved a sidekick to the head for those antics.

Sammy Dumoulin - 4 Man break in stage 3 before being swallowed in the echelon, and another 4 man break on stage 11 with Ignatiev. Small man but big credit for making sh*t happen.

Sapa - 6 Man break in stage 5 with Voeckler and yesterdays escape with Van Summeren.

Auge - Only made the break on stage 6 with Miller and Chavanel, but he always seems to be on the TV screen for some reason. Maybe he was in another break that I've omitted?

And honourable mentions go to?