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Gigs_98 said:
King Of Molehill said:
Anyone think the Galibier (had they kept it in this year) would have made the difference for Quintana? Sky had a lot of guys helping on the lower slopes of d'huez. The Galibier could have whittled them down if they were under pressure from the start as in previous stages, Valverde or Nibali could have tried to go early again and maybe Froome would have lost more time in the final. I just missed that climb, the Galibier is one of my favorites.
it would have been interesting to see what would have happened if the galibier hadn't been cut out. I think it would have been closer but Froome still would have won it.

oh and carton:
I think we just have a different opinion and its probably impossible to say who is right at the end. I still think that without trying you can't win, and quintana tried to late (worth mentioning that he was successful as soon as he went full genius)
I have to agree with this. But on Quintana's defense Froome was weakening along with Thomas. That played out perfectly for Quintana's attacks on the last two stages.



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