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Music! What are you listening to now?

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Oldman said:
Caveman. Beautiful music for a long winter...
Which Caveman, man?

Dazed and Confused said:
This song isn't about desperate team managers, dope docs or dodgy riders, instead its about the happy home.

Howlin' Wolf's 'Evil', a recording from '54, but remastered here. Spann on Piano, Dixon fiddling with the Bass (wrote song also). Stream is good quality.

Love the blues, man.

This bluesy song (like most of them) makes me want to put on a black dress, sit down at the bar, sip on a mean martini, and just be left alone and listen to the music. No hook-ups needed.
Tricycle Rider said:
See, this I would consider more Disco, not Funk.

Are we somehow missing George Clinton/Parliament/Parliament Funkadelic? (Who can ever keep them straight.)

There lots of crossover stuff.

Personally not too concerned about putting the music into micro genres.

The master of funk (or soul if you like) is James Brown by far. Superior performer.

Anyway here we go. More dancey music: Kurtis Blow - 'The Breaks' late 70's.