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Music! What are you listening to now?

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Van Morrison's '70 album 'Moondance' is a bit of a masterpiece for me, perhaps perfect for a Sunday night.


High quality stream, but not sure this is the vinyl cut.

I've always been sucked in by his vocal presence and to me musically, this album beats 'Astral Weeks' from '68 where arguable his voice was even better.

Probably my favorite white male jazz/blues/pop/rock (or whatever you want to call it) singer.

Edit: its Vinyl alright. Material very fine here imo.
Tricycle Rider said:
The Whole Shebang - Grant Lee Buffalo


Just watched Velvet Goldmine again recently, and for some reason this song really caught my ear.

Good song.

oldcrank said:
Peace, Love and Understanding to all around the World who
are celebrating the Life of Nesta Robert Marley today

Always likes Marley, but not sure he was really a peace crusader. Perhaps more a chilled out doper.

Another smoking outfit:

jefferson airplane with 'somebody to love' from woodstock '69:


Striking woman, Grace Slick in many ways.

(not great quality, but what the hell).