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Music! What are you listening to now?

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Either prophetic or a chilling endnote, Siberian cult artist Yanka Dyagileva recorded Придёт вода (Water comes in), the last track on her final EP, only a month before her death in May 1991 aged 25, seemingly by the same drowning depicted. In some ways it's a fitting end with the cathartic chaos exploding out of the tense, driving themes.

She was more than can be depicted in her rock songs, though, as shown by late-career haunting ballads like Столетний дождь (figuratively "100 years of rain"), recorded shortly before that final EP. She turned down the opportunity to record for the state-owned Мелодия label, and also refused to do interviews or self-promote on principle, doing very few official public concerts, instead playing the "apartment gigs" of the counter-culture artists in the USSR where the subject matter was not so strictly monitored. She was known to suffer severely from depression at times, especially following the suicide of a close friend in 1988, and though her death was ruled an accident and though there is a theory that she was murdered, the most common assumption is that she herself committed suicide by drowning. As a result, she's a pretty mysterious character and there's little information available to piece together other than from those sources closest to her, such as Egor Letov, collaborator and former lover who salvaged and remastered her old recordings prior to his own premature death in 2009.
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Libertine Seguros said:
Tricycle Rider said:
Just learned one of the best prog rock drummers is about to retire - do your worst out there while in retirement, Neil Peart, you hear!

Rush - Tom Sawyer

My problem with Rush is that they got killed forever for me because now I can't hear them without thinking of this
Hon, Rush was never pretty to look at. And more than likely neither were their fans

I think Neil Peart was a drummer's drummer. So, just close your eyes and listen to the drums.
Mar 13, 2009
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42x16ss said:
I've just gotten home from seeing AC/DC (I know, a friend bought the tickets ok) supported by The Hives.

Good but not great for such a legendary band. Very formulaic, but well produced.

The Hives were great fun though! Pelle Armqvist is a funny guy with awesome stage presence. Did well to win a tough crowd

Haven't heard from the Hives in a long time but I remember their old songs, those were pretty fun...

I was never a big AC/DC fan, but a few years ago around Christmas I walked into a big electronics store and they had AC/DC live at River Plate blasting ln the giant home cinema surround sound equipment... I stood there for half an hour, mesmerized!

Watch the concert film here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHpClGAAvpg&list=PLsFQE5aB1i0kqyiqZL9G-dBicrI7rjg2J
Oct 16, 2010
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batterystrips said:
Just learned that the vocalist of Stone Temple Pilots died, currently listening to Plush.
Core is among the best grunge records ever made.
i have the first three albums and the unplugged.
i was slightly disappointed with what followed, stopped following them afterwards.

Singer of Alice in Chains also died too early.
Was said to use speed and coke at every gig, his voice depended on it.