Music! What are you listening to now?

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Suzy Bogguss with Jerry Jeff Walker sing live just the two and some acoustical geeetars: Night Rider's Lament. Available on Utube but couldn't get the link to work.
Every person thinking of being a bike racer or a cowboy should listen to it.

God Bless Jerry Jeff for the beautiful musical legacy he left. Little Bird still is one of my favorite songs.
God love Suzy for the voice she has, too. One of the best live female vocalists I've seen and she taught herself to yodel. Gotta love that.
So Phil Spector passed over the weekend, how do you guys feel about him and his signature "Wall of Sound"?

Admittedly I didn't know much about him until I watched a documentary recently, he had produced some of the biggest hits which I certainly was familiar with, and he had worked with some of the biggest bands of the 20th century. (Anywhere from The Ronettes to The Ramones.) But then he was also a convicted murderer and evidently liked to play and threaten with guns a lot, what a strange little man.
Mar 5, 2021
The early 90s era (1989-1992) was basically the highest evolution of 80s electronic pop music. It was bizarre how the sound of Cathy Dennis/Black Box/CeCe Peniston/Crystal Waters suddenly disappeared, and was replaced in 1993 by the much more acoustic & introspective sound that people today generally associate with 90s music. The early 90s are a unique era separate from the rest of that decade. I wish that sound had lasted longer.