Music! What are you listening to now?

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That time of the year...

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Jendrik, lol... I don't even know whether he has made music in any professional way before... he just did a youtube-video, applied, and was taken...
Seems a nice guy and the song was not so extremely bad, I would certainly have had him in front of Azerbaidschan, Serbia and some other very trashy rip-off dancepop numbers... But on the other hand, if you have a safe spot and don't need to go through the semi-finals you could at least make a decent effort to bring a good song... Well, but Germany did win with Lena a few years ago, despite me being annoyed by her singing and thinking the song was average, so one should probably not ask me.

I only watch ESC once in a few years... when I do it always succeeds in drawing me in although it's unbearable on the other hand. I really thought the Swiss guy did a good job, despite some people saying the song was schmaltzy.
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Mar 31, 2021
Sitting down un-drunk to watch Canelo vs Saunders fight from AT&T Texas Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys..just listened to 3..absolutely out of this world performances of national anthems..all were great!!so even if the fight sucks, the singing did not!!!

Great fight.

Did you see how many people were in the stadium??