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Music! What are you listening to now?

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Feel strange about the rock I was under Judas Priest had a few edges for me that Scorpions didn't.. and because of my age, Arizona upbringing.. Freddy Mercury.. from a band named Queen, Rob Halford dressed always in S&M uniform of the day.. Until they talked about it.. I had no idea..I still love the music and the performers, and people.. but it did make me wonder why I didn't see what was pretty obvious
The first song that blew my mind! I hitched a ride from my podunk town to a record store about an hour away so that I could buy this album. I returned to the record store many times throughout my teens.

*in Spokane, WA for those who know that part of the USA.
It‘s the reason I picked up a guitar, which makes it a little weird I never learned the solo!