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Teams & Riders Nairo Quintana discussion thread

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James Shaw.
Ion Aberasturi also returned to the WT after 8 years of waiting.
I think I would have expected more riders to be Moneyballing their way back having hit speedbumps early in/midway through their career but still provided value in the bush leagues.
Made it back to the back of the peloton only to be shelled out again after a single season?
Pellizoti is one I think.
No, he only dropped to Androni, which is Arkea for sinners needing a spell in purgatory.
Danilo Hondo did it before the WT existed.
Ángel Vicioso rode for a few teams in-between his time at Kelme and Katusha.
Rubé Plaza also rode for a conti team in-between his two Abarca stays.
Probably closest to Lopez/Quintana territory, I guess.
Are you implying Lachlan Morton and Cameron Meyer might have something to do with whether Quintana want to sign for Savio's team?
Even I understood the error and thought it hardly worth noting.

But if you must be a pedant about these things: yes it might have something to do with whether Quintana want to sign for Savio's team insofar as both riders show that a time-out in the minor leagues doesn't have to rule out a return to the top flight.
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Movement for a Credible Cycling praises teams for not signing Nairo Quintana

Are the MPCC really patting their members on the back for following MPCC rules? Or is this another acknowledgement that there isn't really a rule blocking them from hiring Quintana?

"Transparency, responsibility and our members’ engagement are the pillars of our identity," claims the MPCC. But there is zero transparency on what rule actually stops MPCC members from hiring a rider who did not fail an anti-doping test.

Nor is transparency helped by the MPCC yet again releasing a set of bogus doping stats, this year inventing two WorldTour doping cases:
The MPCC included Nairo Quintana’s positive tests for tramadol during the 2022 Tour de France in their statistics. Since March 2019, tramadol has been banned for in-competition use by the UCI, though testing positive for tramadol doesn't constitute a WADA anti-doping rule violation.
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I suspect this is more coming from the UCI
I'd say it is MPCC. They have taken a stance against tramadol. Even if their rules don't actually allow it, of course they don't want Quintana riding for an MPCC team. ASO supporting the MPCC - which they have for more than a decade now - amplifies the issue. For the UCI, catching Quintana is actually a win, it justifies the money spent on DBS testing.
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