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Names for dope and doping!

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Mar 13, 2009
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are we doing justifications?

"the camper"

which puts Jerry Ryans sponsorship of GreenEdge into relief.
#MattWhitegenius @GerryRyangenius
Apr 3, 2011
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Benotti69 said:
"Revamping his training, aerodynamics, and focus..."

JV on P Rolland.

and let's not forget that according to JV "he was training like in 1975" in europcar - sooooo, he means amphetamins only? The usual pot belge?
Jul 4, 2009
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Re: Re:

Glenn_Wilson said:
blutto said:
patricknd said:
iron shots :eek: :D

Oh man keyboard please.

...yeah, like what can I say....like bad blutto bad bad...ok I'm bad, but like I was just innocently wandering thru the thread and it was laying there you know...and in a momentary moment of weakness I kinda sorta did it :eek: ...it'll never happen again, I promise...in fact am going to enroll in a holy order and dedicate my life to being seriously saintly and spreading kindness and stuff...yup, yup, gonna turn over a new leaf , and be a most excellent example and so on and so forth..

...worked out good though eh :D ...short, sweat, to the point, no wasted motion, damn elegant actually....

...and now my shoulder hurts :( ....ouch...medic!!!!...


edit...your keyboard was shipped Overnight Express, sorry for the inconvenience.........really...