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National Football League

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When is the cutoff for Bears fans to call Fields a bust?
will watch closely the Rams\ Chargers model to see if a city and stadium can successfully host 2 teams..especially if both have winning seasons..
Rams fans, the whole five of them that regularly jump on to 49ers chat sites, have been getting a little mouthy about doing the repeat.........we will see.......interestingly they are only ranked sixth in the latest Vegas odds with the Bills on top. GB's recent history means their regular season will be good but they will flop again in the playoffs but still they are favourite to at least finish on top of the NFC. Not sure what their schedule is like but the GB window with Rodgers to win another SB has been descending for a while now. Be surprised if they got any closer this season but then I don't think many people saw the Bengals getting to the SB last season...........if Jordan Love suddenly makes an appearance then you know its over for GB........
I'll be really surprised if it doesn't take but a matter of weeks for Kenny Pickett to replace Trubisky as the QB in Pittsburgh.

When is the cutoff for Bears fans to call Fields a bust?
That's an interesting question. He was drafted too high it seems (11 OA), to a team that almost perpetually weak, or a punching bag for the Packers and other good teams. But his numbers were not good last year. 7 TDs to 11 ints. And he got sacked or hit a lot, and fumbled too much.

I've mentioned before how teams almost always reach for QBs to save the team, more than often untested rookies. It's as if scouts, GMs, coaches are so enamored with them, because that player has never failed in the NFL, so they give them a false hope. I haven't seen number crunched, but with so many rookie QBs turning out average at best, or busts, many teams were better off with their old QB and building the rest of the team up, or grabbing the best FA veteran QB they can find. Matt Schaub's history comes to mind. Jim Plunkett for that matter. Plenty of others from the past.

will watch closely the Rams\ Chargers model to see if a city and stadium can successfully host 2 teams..especially if both have winning seasons..
Curious why this came up. It's worked in NY for years. Oh wait, you said especially if both teams have winning seasons, the Jets are a doormat of a franchise, and likely always will be.
$160 mil guaranteed? :fearscream:
Career 2:1 TD to Int ratio. Slightly less than 50% winning career percentage at 22-23-1. Plus lost his only playoff game. May not be totally durable enough to last a full season.

Let's not forget Deshaun Watson, who got an even better contract, is 28-25 in his career, and only 1-2 in the playoffs.

Granted, both are fairly young, but you'd think these guys are the next Peyton Manning with these contracts. (Manning went 13-3 in his second year, winning MVP, btw.)
Good addition for TB and TB12.
Hopefully Rudolph makes up for missing Gronk in the blocking side too. Gronks saying he’ll stay retired but I think he could return mid season. I wouldn’t blame him wanting to miss the binging with more chance to get injured if true. If not he deserves to stay retired as he’s taken so much punishment. Going out talent wise as the GOAT, and arguably GOAT debate with Sharpe, Gates, Gonzales, and Kelce. And good for him he hasn’t spent any of his NFL money to save it.
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One of my favorite players for the Pats, always clutch in big moments.
Yes! My favorite too. It stunk he was easily injured. Before Super Bowl 51 there was an article comparing Amendola and Edelman vs Julio and Sanu and that just because they don’t have the explosiveness and athletic ability, they are still very dangerous. If Belichick had paid Amendola more, 2018 and 2019 probably go better in the passing game.

Julio Jones joins Tompa Bay to chase a ring.
Oh boy, one freak of nature retires down in TB and replaced by another one. Hopefully he can stay healthy.
Another big Amendola fan. Loved his grit, the way he played.

If the Chicago Bears end up playing in a dome that would flat out suck. So sick of domes (regardless of what Pat McAfee thinks). Football, like baseball, is an outdoor sport. Weather is part of the factor, and both players and fans have embraced it for many years, and it's definitely been a part of football lore. If one wants to watch and play a game indoors, that's what basketball is for.

I'll give the owners of the team some credit though in that (so far) they aren't holding the City hostage the way the Spanos family did with San Diego. There are other teams and examples, but that one is the worst that comes to mind.