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National Football League

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Titans get $760 million in bonds for new stadium..
Taxpayers on the hook for $1.26b. Crazy. Amy Adams Strunk's personal wealth will probably double in a couple years. Love this quote from this article: “I’m a 60-year-old white guy and I am here to tell you almost $3 billion for a new stadium is some grade-A prime old white man thinking,” said one opponent of the deal. “We need that $3 billion for schools, for affordable housing, for infrastructure, for mental health, for any number of causes.” :openmouth:

I saw the images, but I didn't look too close (link here). It is either a translucent roof dome, or partly open air. It does not look retractable.
I wonder if Namath is going to let Rodgers wear #12? :cool: (the number is retired with the Jets organization & Namath would have to give permission for Rodgers to use it).
Namath already said it was okay by him. :)
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Watching the NYJ GM interview today he used the word "excited" a couple of times. He didn't look upbeat at all and more like any of this is not a sure thing. Unusual.
And then I saw the interview with the GM alongside A-Aron while he describes his home's challenged cell service and other nattering...eyes bulging while he b.s sss the NY press. Each of the executive staff had a look like this was the answer to their problem: "yes.....we will be playing with a large electric eel. That's the answer to our playoff challenges. They said we'll get big rubber gloves; when do we get the gloves? I'd like them right now before the Eel tries to shake my hand. Sh*t!"
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And then I saw the interview with the GM alongside A-Aron while he describes his home's challenged cell service and other nattering...eyes bulging while he b.s sss the NY press. Each of the executive staff had a look like this was the answer to their problem: "yes.....we will be playing with a large electric eel. That's the answer to our playoff challenges. They said we'll get big rubber gloves; when do we get the gloves? I'd like them right now before the Eel tries to shake my hand. Sh*t!"
I came to post this after seeing it. Like what, and you’d think team management would know about this communication issue for however long you lived there. So with FaceTime he has an Apple, unless he’s using Instagram or Facebook which wouldn’t surprise me. Apple is able to work off cell service with calls and texts on WiFi. It’s just the gift that keeps on giving honestly.

Just to jump on the A Rodge is a liar bus here: He doesn't have (reliable) cell service, but he does facetime on his phone?! BS! None of his song and dance is even relevant though because the team wasn't calling him anyway, they were calling his agent.
Look.. Everyone needs to calm down!!!! Sure Aaron Rodbun may have fibbed about a few things.. but if he has AT&T I am buying his story!!
The Packers were calling to tell him to clean his hair out of the shower drain before leaving town, or they will dock him for a cleaning deposit.. and if he took any extra rolls of tape, or mouth protectors, leave that stuff!!!

Ravens didn't really have a viable option but they paid big. Looks like Burrow and others can expect the same with the way QB contracts have jumped again.
3 out of the top 4 picks are QBs - only the 4th time this has occurred.

Young #1 OA - no surprises there (1st time an Alabama QB was taken #1 OA since Broadway Joe back in 1965).

Richardson #4 to Indy. The Colts are seeing some real upside in this guy. Best raw talent out of the bunch.

All 3 have the potential to be day 1 starters. Carolina's & Houston's depth chart already has Young & Stoud listed as the starter with Richardson listed #2 behind Minshew. This shows just how bad things are at Carolina & Houston where nether Young nor Stroud have even taken a snap yet & they're listed as the starter. Lol.

Looks like Levis has a toe injury that's causing concern with some teams. I was wondering WTH was going on especially after Manning vouched for him .

View: https://twitter.com/mortreport/status/1651784676837675009?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Etweet
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The biggest story of draft day was...not a draft pick, but LJ.

SEA did alright with a (potentially solid) new target for GS and a (potentially great) DB to go with their other talented young guys back there. Now they need to add some beef on both sides of the line.

The only head scratcher for me was ATL taking a (potentially great) RB as their first pick.
Ravens got a good WR for Lamar. i expected the Jets to go WR as well but they went D line. Only two TE's in the first round in supposedly a hot draft for TE's. QBs, corners and O line were in demand as usual. The RB surprised many it seems.
I'm glad the Ravens and Lamar got that deal done before it got ugly, and before the draft. Looks like they didn't truly split the difference between what both wanted, but found a workable solution in the middle.

I agree Indy is the perfect team for Richardson. He can start early in his career, get the snaps he needs, no one is expecting the team to ball out this year. The have a new, offensive minded coach. Rolling the dice with Richardson makes total sense.

Carolina rolled the dice with Young. I'm cautiously optimistic that he can be enough of a playmaker, even with his small size. I kept reading about how the Carolina coaches liked Stroud, but owner Tepper liked Young more. So, we'll see.

Houston hit two home runs right off the bat. The best QB (I think) in Stroud fell to them, and they traded up a bit to grab Will Anderson. They basically got the two best players in the draft. But did they give up too much to get Anderson? Stroud has been like a stoic church boy in every interview up to now, so it was good to see him show some emotion.

Philadelphia lost their DC, their DL underperformed in the SB, badly, and lost key players. So they go out and get both Jalen Carter, and Nolan Smith. We've talked before about how games are won and lost at the line if scrimmage, the Eagles just filled in those gaps. But let's see which version of Carter shows up to camp. The destroyer, or the guy who couldn't finish his pro day.

As a Raider fan I'm really happy with Tyree Wilson (games won at line of scrimmage!), and the team didn't take Levis (if he goes to the Raiders in round 2, that's fine).

Pittsburgh moved up to the OT they wanted in Broderick Jones. But Jones was projected to be a 2nd round pick. So I don't know what they were thinking. But they needed OL help, badly, and got it.

I was surprised the Lions took Jahmyr Gibbs. I had to look the guy up! Looks like he's more of a receiving RB, so that might fit their system, but that was a reach. But their 2nd pick of Jack Campbell was very good.

The Patriots having Christian Gonzalez fall to them was something, and this was after moving down in the draft. The Patriots already have the foundation for a super defense in the years to come. They just don't have much of an offense, and maybe the weakest WR set in the NFL. So to have them stack up even more on defense...I think they just couldn't pass up on the pick.

The Giants made a trade to move up, and took Deonte Banks over Joey Porter Jr?

Seattle got probably the best CB in the draft in Witherspoon (Raider insiders saying Vegas was going to take him at #7), to help build the new Legion of Boom, as well as probably the best WR in the draft in Jaxon Smith-Njibda. Two real playmakers.

I thought Tampa may have taken Will Levis, so Baker Mayfield may have breathed a sigh of relief when Calijah Kancey, who some thought would go earlier, became their pick.

Three WRs went right in a row. Quentin Johnson to the Chargers, Zay Flowers to Baltimore and Jordan Addison to Minnesota. Add Smith-Njibda taken at 20, and their careers will now forever be linked.

Steelers have first pick in round 2, and I'll be shocked if they don't take Joey Porter, Jr.

I think Levis will either be taken by the Rams at 36, or the Raiders at 38. If he falls past there, I'll be surprised. He could fall to Tennessee at 41. There could also be a trade with some team moving up a few spots to get him.

I have concluded Hendon Hooker is good, but overhyped. It's not just the ACL, it's that he's 25 right now, so will need to start soon after being healthy, 2024 at the soonest be named the starter. He also played in a spread system, never once took a snap under center, and a lot of the time he played focusing on half the field. He has talent, a good arm and makes nice passes, but that's not enough to make me reach for the guy like so many seem to think.
Titans trade up 8 spots to 33 & get Levis. Clearly moving on from Tannehill who's in the last year of his contract. Big blow to Malik Willis who was touted last season as the possible heir apparent to Tannehill.

Titans make out pretty good getting arguably the 2nd best OT in Peter Skoronski with their 1st rd pick, and trading up to secure Levis.

Too funny - still showing loyalty to Tannehill. We'll see how long this lasts with Varabel's job on the line this season if he has another losing campaign. Titans were terrible last year at 7-10. Tannehill was 6-6 missing 5 games due to a serious ankle injury. The previous two seasons the Titans were one & done in the playoffs after winning the division. The pressure cooker is on Vrabel like never before. Win or find yourself out of a job.

Payton goes offense with the Broncos selecting WR Marvim Mims from Oklahoma - a 4.3 burner that should complement Jeudy & give the Broncos two good deep threats (Broncos didn't pick until late 2nd rd).

With their 2nd pick, Payton takes LB Drew Sanders from Arkansas (1st team All-American & great size at 6-5/235) who should help shore up the poor depth at LB last year.
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Let's hear it for Stetson Bennett. What an amazing story - goes from walk-on at Georgia to 2-time NC starting QB to 4th rd pick & now back-up with the Rams. Most draft "experts" had him undrafted.

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Agree on Vrabel. As soon as the team starts losing, Levis gets the reins. May only be a few weeks into the season!
I just sent his mom and dad your email.. They want to talk to you about your speculation about their son's longevity being a few weeks..
and like everyone else love an underdog story, I am soft,but the title that Stetson Bennett has proven anything.. It's all relative right.
. Johnny Football, Brian Bosworth, Bo Jackson.. all were the next big thing.
.and just a very very short time ago a really handsome, too outspoken guy went to the Jets,he was going to turn everything around.. fast forward tiny bit Aaron Rodgers is going to be under center and nobody remembers his name..
"Johnny Football" was a total joke & embarrassment.

Boz only played 2 yrs because of the career ending shoulder injury (degenerative arthritis that the doctor said his shoulder was comparable to a 60 yr old man). Plus Boz was addicted to steroids.

Bo Jackson also had his career career cut short because of the serious hip injury (avascular necrosis).

Vrabel is lucking that he wasn't fired last season - ownership must have a kind heart. Lol. 7-10 is a total joke when you have the league's leading rusher over the last 5 seasons & a veteran QB who was an 8th OA pick. Plus they were one & done in the playoffs after winning the division the two previous seasons!

Of course Bennett hasn't proven anything but neither has a dozen or so of the QBs drafted higher than him over the last couple of years. Lol. McVay must see something in him to burn a 4th rd pick on a guy that so many of these "talking heads" were skeptical that he's even a NFL-caliber QB. But hey, he's projected to back up Stafford who's injury prone - so we might see him in the gladiatorial arena sooner than later.
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With Stafford on his last legs I guess I can understand the Rams looking for lightning in the bottle in one way or other and unlike the 49ers it didn't cost them two first round picks. They will be hoping that some of those rookies show up as Vegas has them at 45-1 to win the SB which will probably double during the reason. The Eagles and Hawks look like they had a good draft but who really knows just yet ? How many of those picks will still be there in two years ? The Eagles lost a lot of experienced defense which won't be instantly replaceable by rookies.

As for Johnny Football he's the MVP of every party I'm guessing............. Skip Bayliss tipped him for the HOF.........