nba 2013

I don't like the NBA at all, but I do hear buzz that the LA Clippers are a team with a lot of talent and could be pretty good. I find that almost impossible to believe. They've been the most hapless team in sports history. But that would be interesting to see if they got deep in the playoffs.
Nov 8, 2012
Lakers just fired Mike Brown after a 1 - 4 start.

After the D-Howard spending spree it looks like the Buss kids have a new zero tolerance policy.
Not Miami again please.

Haven't followed it this year but heard that Nash,Kobe,Gasol and Howard are all at Lakers:eek: with D'Antoni at coach. probably means Bynum is at Orlando.

Would love to see Spurs win one last title with Parker,Duncan and Ginobli(hope they r still there) and Minnesota to qualify for the playoffs. Hopefully Rubio recovers well from his injury.