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So it seems like the NBA were listening to me (and specifically only me, no-one else ever complained about the number of ridiculous foul calls we see...) and they're going to stop calling non-basketball moves (jumping into a defender while shooting, kicking out a leg etc.) as fouls. They also might start calling them as offensive fouls, which I absolutely think they should, depending on how it goes. I'm hoping it has a big effect on the game, not least because Marcus Smart and players like him suddenly become hugely relevant to teams now, but also to stop the inflated number of 3 point shots we've been seeing. I don't think anyone wants to watch teams jack up 50+ 3-point shots because they know they'll get to the line so might as well try it. I'm not for going back to the days of the 70s, 80s and even 90s where guys just get slammed and no-one does anything, but I think this will help create a more driving form of basketball.
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