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lol, Bora-Argon 18 DS already says it was hard to pick his riders out from the peloton

We are very concerned about the confusion in the race. We just got the proof at the Mallorca Challenge where we barely recognized our riders and not even all black-wearing teams were at the start.

Particularly the other black/red combinations give us a hard time. Unfortunately we don't have a solution for this. As said, we stuck to the sponsors' colours and didn't have any other options than black and red.
I'm a bit confused here.
Apparently the new Tinkoff kit is to avoid confussion with the yellow jersey at the Tour, but aren't they using the kit they used in the Tour last year as their permanent kit now? Besides; I don't think anyone could really confuse that level of brightness with the yellow jersey.
Like the fact that they've seemingly replaced the blue bits on the shorts with black, though.