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Afrank said:
RedheadDane said:
Apparently the mainly-green Cannondale jersey actually is the new design...

Would have liked to see some of the argyle patches be a different color (blue for example, like their TDF jersey). But this is still very nice. Much better than the black kit of last year.

You don't see jersey's that have that kind of 3d look much, at least I can't recall any, so I like that.
I'm still waiting for that "Garmin blue" + "Cannondale green" completely argyle-patterned jersey!
Mar 14, 2009
Re: New Jerseys - 2016 Season - TeamKits-Maillots-Tricots-Te

Al Lesklar said:
staubsauger said:
torcia_86 said:

pippo pozzato design!!! :D
After the second watch I kinda like that jersey! :)
It makes me wonder if Northwest Venezuela will also sponsor a team.
No kidding, somebody unfamiliar with the team may very much think that this is an ad for a southeast Venezuela region :D (if I was the Southeast sponsor, I would ask for a new design)

as per the jersey design itself. not good IMO

Pippo was trying too hard and it is just too busy with all the ads, shapes, and colors. (he needs a haircut too ... he forgot he is not 21 anymore)
In general seems like a much more colourful peloton this year, cannot complain. I welcome the red helmet to Giant's kit, think it's a nice match. Katusha's grew on me lately, sorta how I learned to like Drapac's. As far as Lampre goes, rubbish kit for a rubbish team. Just bring back the fucsia and spare us the cringeworthy pretentiousness.

Oh, and Sporting looks nice as well.
Mar 14, 2009
Re: New Jerseys - 2016 Season - TeamKits-Maillots-Tricots-Te

Anderis said:
New Cannondale kits on the road.

While the greenish color is not bad, the jersey from a distance looks "dirty" and has no visible design pattern. The sponsor name on the front of the jersey is not readable either.

Bottom line: dirty jersey with some blablahblabhla. 2/10 for me. :cool: