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New Jerseys - 2016 Season - TeamKits-Maillots-Tricots-Tenues

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Ricco' said:
Wilier - Southeast new bike.

Oh,needs some fluoro on the frame
Yeah. Bad national jerseys are ones that try to hide the fact that they are national jerseys. There's nothing wrong with a national jersey that is clearly identifiable as such using an unusual design approach, in this case using the national colours in a template based on design elements from the team jersey. Champion Systems did something similar with a bunch of national kits a few years ago and it looked great.

The issue shouldn't be traditional designs versus modern ones. War just needs to be waged against tatty little hidden away acknowledgements that a rider is a national champion somewhere on an otherwise unchanged team kit. The Axeon one is fine.
Dec 13, 2012
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Re: New Jerseys - 2016 Season - TeamKits-Maillots-Tricots-Te

Any new National champions jerseys presented yet?

Hopefully Tinkoff dont ruin Majka, J. Sagan, Bodnar and Kreuziger's jerseys like they did with Trofimov and go back to a full flag jersey similar to that of P. Sagan and Valgren.

Greipel's German jersey should be decent and along the lines of his two previous ones.

Sky generally produce good Champs jerseys also with the exception of Cataldo/Siutsou's time trial jerseys of previous years I expect Roche to have a full Irish shamrock jersey kit in a similar design to Kennaugh's.

Hopefully Trek give Nizzolo a full tricolour jersey also, the Italian champions kit is one of the best out there as evident with Santamorita's previous incarnation.

Movistar may just give Rojas something decent this time round seen as hes not a major rider for them but I would not be too optimistic.

Finally I just hope that teams reward their former champions with national champions bands on their sleeves, its a shame that so many teams refuse their former champions the right to highlight their past achievements. Currently Sky, Lotto x2, Etix, BMC are the only teams that do this although Dimension Data and Lampre do with Cav and Rui Costa as former world champs
Designer has not changed anything really?
Shorts are same, yellow-green stripes fade the same, collar and cuffs the same, jayco, scott and craft logos same position as before. Basically it's exactly the same design with greenedge, just they switched one logo to bike exchange, filled the white shoulders and chest behind to same blue as rest of jersey and inverted logos to white. I like it. Better than before in terms of sponsor logo contrast, especially for Orica. That washed out baby blue against white was weak in terms of contrast.