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New Jerseys - 2024 Season - TeamKits-Maillots-Tricots-Tenues

The stripes date back to the sunweb kit, correct?
Yea, but for most of the time it's just been in black and white, and at the time they introduced it, nearly everybody was in black, white or dark blue so it wasn't as distinguishable from the helicam, and everybody was designing their kits around what looked good in the corporate launch, not what was distinctive in actual racing. This will be identifiable as the team and also distinguishable unless a load of other teams go with white, teal and vermillion as their colours and I don't see that happening.
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They already were AG2R Decathlon 20 years ago. Were using blue & black colors. Had 2 nice jerseys back then and nowadays come up with these horse crap instead?
Bland boring kit for a bland boring shop.
Yes. One of the least interesting teams to me last year. Not sure why exactly - - no charisma? Although Cosnefroy, O'Connor, and especially Gall are quality riders. And they have a good group of guys who can win French races with APP, Sarreau, Godon, Bonnamour and Vendrame, Hoping Lafay can surprise again.

Lousy kit. Decathlon can and should do better.
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