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New Jerseys - 2024 Season - TeamKits-Maillots-Tricots-Tenues

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They could take a lesson from the NBA, with some limited editions.
Don't know about that mate, they've had their fair part of stinkers

And let's not forget about the Dutch national team jersey! I mean the 2012 NY Knicks.
Outrageously bland and boring. Brown shorts would have helped a ton.

If you remove the names from the DSM jersey, you can still recognise them despite the new colours. Ag2r without the names could just as well be a random cycling club.
the funny thing is that I feel the exact same way about literally every Decathlon/Van Rysel product. Bikes, helmets, shades you name it and I can point out what other brand they ripped off.
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They could take a lesson from the NBA, with some limited editions.

no its bad enough they keep bringing out limited editions for all the grand tours, just design a kit properly once a year and stick with it for the season.

I do think they should have kept the brown shorts, just because its become strongly associated with their brand and team, I dont think teams quite grasp the branding concept sticks more memorably than paint a kit in the latest sponsor.

Surrey cricket club used to have a brown trousers & light blue top kit which shows it can work
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