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New Jerseys - 2024 Season - TeamKits-Maillots-Tricots-Tenues

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Italian BDC-Forum. picture from a shop


So what color is the dress?
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So ATM i have them at Visma, Lidl, Cofidis & Bahrain tied ... when it comes to being genius at Tour team presentation. The rest, if i didn't miss any, took the approach with taking a picture, usually with a touch of Photoshop involved.

Is this it or can anybody still top that?
Italian BDC-Forum. picture from a shop

I was beginning to wonder if they were still bothering, are they likely to turn up team presentation with it unannounced.

Or host some fancy Red Bull launch tomorrow as F1 visits the Red Bull Ring in Austria this weekend which is kind of Red Bulls spiritual home, and isn't exactly far from Florence, well just the odd 800km away ;)
"Isn't really blue"????? Looks fecking blue to me. Unbelievable. Not only is one of the best jersey line in the peleton destroyed (that green was always cool), to top it off we get another blue friggin jersey in the sea of the blue peleton. What a shitshow, I want Euskatel and Team Telekom back.