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New Jerseys - 2024 Season - TeamKits-Maillots-Tricots-Tenues

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Brown shorts are out, green shorts are in.
They really are judging by Bora's kit
Did Roglic bring a little bit of Jumbo's kit with him or is that Bora's sophisticated ploy to lure Uijtdebroeks to stay?
I thought similar, but then I saw the sportful logo alongside using Specializes equipped with sram. It's clearly a through back to the Saxo Tinkoff team!
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Thank you Bora for being interesting & different. Does anyone know when Quickstep unveil their new kit?
I suppose this is a joke because their new kit is so similar to the old one or did you not see the post above from joseph89?

Anyway, I like it. It looks like an improved and cleaner version of last years kit which wasn't too bad to begin with.

Only the trousers don't really match the lighter blue of the jerseys imo.

I'm curious to know what you think about Fausto's background performance in the SQS kit reveal video?
He did a great job as usual. Unsprieisingly, the team wanted the biggest and most marketable stars in the kit video, but fausto is a gracious guy who happily lets alaphilipe take the spotlight. Great dancing , coordination and facial expressions.
What?! I had hoped the shoes would be green as well!

They better have bright helmets.
I’m old-school when it comes to socks, preferring a no- or low-sock style. That was the look when I started following pro cycling, and also what I’ve always worn. I believe the mid-calf socks have some performance function (compression to improve circulation?) but I would prefer if they’re as inconspicuous as possible :)
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