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Official "be nice" Lance Armstrong thread

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davestoller said:
I can see now these forums are going the way of other forums where Lance bashing is the desired goal, not merely the norm.
THis really bites since there are basically no places to hang and talk cycling.

I am not sure that a thread titled Official 'be nice' Lance Armstrong Thread is ever going to be the best place to hang and talk cycling - I'd try one of the race specific threads - usually a good bet.

Or even (ironically) The Clinic - there is some great discussion in there - a couple of really smart physiologists and an ex-pro - it's fascinating.

By the way pretty much any thread with Lance, Armstrong, Astana etc in the title tends to be a replay of the same content - but the posters seem to enjoy it - well they keep posting anyway. :rolleyes:

Just a thought - hope it helps