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Official thread: Tour de Suisse

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Apr 3, 2009

It was a genuine question, I should've added a smiley maybe? Sheesh...

Nice going by Tony Martin by the way. He seems pretty serious about testing himself to see if he can be the next Jan Ullrich.
Boy, was that one dull stage.
A 15km cat 1, with an average gradient well under 4%.
Most of the peloton made the finish and Cancellara was able to ride the silky smooth Saxo train, right at it's head.
Neutralised the few, token attacks, with ease.

Three weeks ago, he was getting dumped, just as soon as the road thought about taking an upward turn.
Zzzzz. Need more sharp, and varied climbs. Or more attacks. Or just endless marathon stages. Maybe once they eliminate race radio things will get more exciting with bigger time splits..?!

McEwen? I'm wondering just how Kloden is here? Or allowed to race anywhere.


Yes, and Frischkorn is in the break. After Dugan's close 2nd in Dauphine, I hope that maybe, just maybe he will take the stage. He seems to be pulling quite a bit. However, they are only 2:38 up, and there are 42K left......


I will give them this, they are committed. All 4 really hammering....2:08 and 24K to go. I think we have seen this scenario before.....dang.