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Teams & Riders Official Wout Van Aert thread

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If he's smart enough, he won't. There's Kruijswijk, Benoot, Kelderman, he doesn't need to bury himself.
Kuijsvick is out. Kelderman will probably crash or be in horrible shape (The Tour is full of stress and crashes), Benoot is not a top climber. I'm more thrilled to see Valter in the Tour. Can't really believe JV will not take him when he is so good right now.
For argument sake, what happens if Van Aert's wife has the baby on the first Saturday of the Tour when he's in Bilbao? Does he DNS?

And the reverse is true as well, i.e. what happens if the baby happens right on a decisive stage (with Vingegaard trailing by a few seconds or something & he needs WvA)? It seems like they're just sleepwalking into a potentially head scratching dilemma which could have been avoided earlier (like send WvA to the Giro with Rog instead of doing the Tour).

Just my opinion of course but... I think the baby drama is like a Damocles sword hanging over the Tour for Van Aert. He's going to be thinking about it every day anyway.
Only 1 win this year....
technically 2 if you count the win he gifted to Laporte.

Mainly he's not been tryharding stage races this year in order to be better in the classics but that didn't work out. He still came up short in the monuments, although with a bit of luck he could've won PR... I didn't expect him to not win any stages this tdSuisse tho, that was a bit surprising. Either he timed it right and peaks hard in the TDF+worlds or it's his worst year so far on the road...
He's been on the mountain for a week longer than last year when he did the Dauphiné. New race with Suisse, new approach and we have to wait how it pans out. Also the first time he's not immediately good/winning the first days. With some rest he will get to his prefered weight and form. Otherwise he will get there during the Tour.
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Doesn't seem to happy about today.
"His silence says enough: Wout van Aert leaves without words and strikes the car door"

Doesn't seem to happy about today.
"His silence says enough: Wout van Aert leaves without words and strikes the car door"

He'll be back in the fold by tomorrow morning. He's too good for that team.
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