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Olympic Road Race Men

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Angliru said:
...and he also bribed the 20 riders that he and Uran escaped from.:rolleyes:


I think I'll just remember it as a brilliantly timed move from the original break.

After that it was predetermined.

Vino win, exceptional move by Uran that created the finale.

Vino simply responded and capitalized.

The 'conversation' was most likely just "Allez, Allez, Allez."

Which worked; They won.
Tomorrow is the most important day for cycling of the year. Most of the programs of big names changed a little to be at his top tomorrow.

It is a really nice and hard route, with wind, cobbles, and hard climbs, with the beach of rio at the end. amazing.

it is a pity Contador and Quintana are not there, but all the rest will be there. We watched in San Sebastian quite an essay, but people from Poland as Uran will be stronger now.
Jul 22, 2015
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Angliru said:
Can anyone tell me who will be broadcasting (and what time) the men's road race in the U.S.? I looked at the menu for "Rio Olympics" and while they have a schedule of events at different times, cycling is not included in the listing.

NBC as mentioned.

However if you don't have a cable TV subscription (like me) you can sign up for Sling TV's seven day free trial which will get you NBC on their app. The road race live coverage is scheduled to be on NBC starting at 7:00AM CT tomorrow.