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One Man Alone at the Command-El Pais Contador Article

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Actual translation:

Haimar Zubeldia says:
A estas alturas, lo que diga yo de Contador sólo va a servir para afirmar lo bueno que es. Cada carrera que estoy con él alucino más. En Contador todo es bueno. En la montaña no tiene rival. En Verbier me sorprendió el tiempo que sacó en los seis kilómetros finales. Al terminar las etapas iba habitación por habitación para darte las gracias por el trabajo.

"At this point, whatever I say about Contador will only serve to confirm what a good guy he is. Every time I race with him I am more fascinated"

(note alucino directly translated means hallucinate or fascinate, in this usage he probably means he is more convinced what a good guy he is every time they race together)

"Inside Contador, everything is good. On the mountain he has no rival. On Verbier I was surprised the time he took out (of the others) in those 6 final kilometers. At the end of the stages, he went from room to room to thank (the guys) for their work. "