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Oscar Sevilla Suspended.

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He is no longer suspended, but the doping case is still pending. This substance is not one that automatically entails a suspension with a positive A sample.

If the B sample is negative, he is cleared.

If the B sample is also positive, he will be suspended and it will be up to the Spanish Cycling Federation to hold disciplinary hearings.

All of this applies to Mosquera and Garcia De Pena as well.



Jun 16, 2009
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Moose McKnuckles said:
Exactly. It's a boring disgrace. Watching these doped freaks breaking around uphill corners is just silly, and it degrades the true beauty of the sport.

Hell 'NO'
- it's pure, pure art ... without these heroes over the decades there wouldn't have been pro $$$ cycling at all ... just some dumb beer juiced trolls riding around the local church like farts, still eating out of the trunk of a car.

Oscarito is a one of total hero, adored by millions, with no match in a thousand years to come.