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PEDs Production & Distribution? How?

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These responses are really excellent !! Obviously what I thought would have been a simple chart, is really a complicated network, like a world of its own.

D-Queued said:
There is high coincidence / overlap in the routes and organizations, especially organized crime, involved in the trafficking of narcotics and of PEDs.

While I cannot find the exact, recent report that provides a good summary on this, here are a couple of relevant quotes: ... Dave.

Velodude said:
I think you need to include in there a level "Unapproved drugs obtained whilst undergoing proving in field testing".
Yes, and HemAssist would belong to that level.

skimazk said:
don't forget private clinics, veterinarians, online pharmacies (worldwide shipping)...)

Slava101 said:
Mexico is a big route for steroids to get into the US, you also have Anti aging clinics in America which will for a hefty fee prescribe you almost any of the steroids you want...

Very infomative, thanks.

131313, appreciate the link to that document.

It looks as if the sale of PEDs is as networked globally as illegal drugs such as cocaine, heroin etc.

zebedee said:
The Italian investigating magistrate has compiled a dossier on the trafficking routes used by Michele Ferrari. Some of the information was published by La Gazetta last week in their multiple spreads on doping in the wake of the Armstrong debacle. By their account, quite a network.
Is this online?

I'll try making the chart ... might take some time.