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Photography thread

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Wow, good question and I don't really know. There's certainly a mix in this forest. Mostly pine, doug fir, and redwood but those look like hardwoods. There's madrone back there, as well as tan oak and coast live oak. I'm guessing those are one of the latter varieties.
Gotta love a rider who knows his trees!

How come you haven't been posting any pics in your own thread lately?
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Pacifica, CA this weekend.

Ducks really aren't rare in Eugene, but it's been about 15 years since I saw any in my backyard. (Back then it was a mama duck marching through with her baby ducks, it was just too cute.) Recently I've been seeing a mallard couple drop by to feed on some bird food, it was hard to get a pic without disturbing them, so (once again) my pics are blurry.

Unfortunately we're having our fence redone, so Toby the Dog and the neighbor's dog (who is a bird hunting dog) will have free reign over our respective backyards, so they might scare the mallards off. This would be a major bummer because I'm sure the mallards will have babies this spring, but at least I managed to capture a memory of the lovely couple.

One more photo of Oregon's birdlife - finches (and/or chickadees) definitely aren't rare in Eugene and this one I actually held in my hand. The poor guy flew into a windowpane and temporarily knocked himself out, so I took him in, made a little bed for him, and kept his surroundings quiet. About 20 minutes he came around and flew merrily on his way - fly little bird, fly!

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Another photo of the local mallard pair - wheeeee, girl mallard's boyfriend is back! :D

Long story short the female mallard has been showing up alone pretty regularly for feeding, but the male had been MIA for several weeks now. I thought maybe he got injured or even killed, but here he is this morning (or at least it's a male), I find myself lucky to have captured this pose. (Also, I'm really really giddy the pic didn't turn out too blurry like usual! :tearsofjoy:)

Jul 13, 2022
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Thought it might be nice to have a thread for folks to post photos. Cool if they're cycling related, OK if not. First one, a shot from Santa Cruz, CA this morning. The tracks along Highway 9. Amazing place to live and ride, Northern California...

The photo is really beautiful. Nature, light, bicycle, train track have provided a perfect harmony.:)
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Saw so many bears the last couple of weeks at our place on the west shore of Lake Tahoe. I think maybe the fires in South Lake last year pushed more bears into our area, I've never seen so many. This feller had some fun in the local restaurant's dumpster.



When they finally chased him out of there, he headed up through our property, giving my guests quite a show. He was around for a couple of days, strolling through the yard and startling the heck out of some folks passing by in the bike lane which goes through our neighborhood. The 10-year-old in our group dubbed him "Shaggy". Works for me. Amazing animals.



Not sure there are bad bird photos..keep them coming!!!!
Will wild turkeys do? :D

This one is female and is a bit camera shy, but we usually see them in groups strolling around, they've just become a part of the scenery and part of the neighborhood in the past few years. Some people may find them annoying when they hold up the traffic when they are crossing the street, I find them amusing. Don't think anyone has intentionally tried to harm them yet, knock on wood.

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Some sunflowers this summer - I meant to grow them for the Tour because you usually see vast fields of sunflowers during some of the Tour stages, but I'm a month late, at least they're ready for the Vuelta. (Focusing as usual is pretty crap, don't know if they make cameras that are even more idiot-proof than the one I already have.)

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