Poll: Froome's outcome in the 2020 TdF

Froome's outcome in the 2020 TdF

  • Winner

    Votes: 11 9.3%
  • Top 5

    Votes: 20 16.9%
  • Super super domestique (similar to Bernal 2018)

    Votes: 26 22.0%
  • Regular INEOS domestique

    Votes: 28 23.7%
  • Doesn't start the race

    Votes: 33 28.0%

  • Total voters
Super-domestique, unless he's back to 100 percent. EIther that or DNS. I don't see how he could beat out Bernal as team leader.

But tbh if he finishes with a few strong performances that would be a victory of sorts. I never subscribed to the trolls who said the severity of his crash was overestimated. The guy was out of competition for what, 9 months?

If he's back to nearly top form I could easily see him taking a stage win.
He needs some luck and a clear run to have a chance of being competitive and if he's not competitive he won't ride the Tour. What concerns me is coming back after a break, he's going to be (even) more crash-prone and any setback caused by a crash is probably going to be one too many